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Question: Is ClubCrush easy to use?

One-button functionality makes ClubCrush very easy to use! A single press of the button is for normal blending, and a double press of the button is for blending ice and thicker smoothies.

Question: How do I make smoothies/shakes with ClubCrush?

It’s easy! Follow this process:

  • 1

    Add fruit, veggies, protein powder, ice cream, or whatever you like, to the container.

  • 2

    Screw the container into the blending unit.

  • 3

    Press the mixing button until you reach your desired consistency (shake if necessary).

  • 4

    Pour the smoothie into a glass and enjoy!

Question: What makes ClubCrush different from other personal blenders?

The most unique aspect of the ClubCrush is the powerful rechargeable battery that makes this blender perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. Charge the ClubCrush and take it with you; now you can blend drinks anywhere you want.

Question: I like smoothies and shakes, but what are some other things I can make with ClubCrush?

In addition to nutritious smoothies, you can also make fruit or vegetable juice, ice cream-based drinks, baby food, and even delicious cocktails.

Question: How many smoothies can I make on a single charge of the battery?

A single charge will allow you to blend approximately a dozen smoothies or shakes.

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